Since the early 50’s UFO movies like “Earth vs The Flying Saucers” that clearly eductated us that there are flying white ORBs and Flying saucers which are very prevalent today. It is obvious that eyewitnessing Military Intelligence approached the movie studios and explained what they actually saw so that these movies could be produced with realizm. We are finding out recently that UFO’s have been shooting down and disabling our Nuclear weapons and missles. Along with NASA’s findings and thousands of other witnesses, videos that have come forth to educate us that we have been lied to and misslead.

With the tens of thousands of reported UFO siteings we must wonder how many haven’t been reported. We know now that President Isenhower authorized Alien Abductions in exchange for Technology (truthfully, he did not have a choice, as they could have destroyed us back then, Catch 22) .

We have also learned WHO GOD IS and WHO MADE US from writings of Zacharia Stitchin and many other knowledgeable and informed people like John Lear.

With all of this said, we should all get or take the time to be informed just as you were taught curriculum in colledge for the future of mankind.

I can totally undersatnd the reason why the military would cover up such eveidence in that people would panic as we have seen in Twilight Zone series and start shooting each other the way people were condemed as Witches, demons, devils in our past history. Not only would this technology become a Major Threat and extinction to our National Security and Military if a Foreign country were to acquire this Technology first hand.

But Hitler did in fact ,HITLERHI Hitler also gained Flying Saucer technology and apparently built many and sent astronauts to Mars in a Flying saucer with a swatzicker on it.  Hitler was driven by VRIL

http://greyfalcon.us/restored/VRIL.htm  or http://www.thelivingmoon.com/43ancients/20nazi_ufos/Vril_01.html

There is so much more that archeologists have uncovered that was also withheld that now is coming to light.

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