Project Camelot
John Lear Tells All

When we met again with him recently, with considerably more time at our disposal than we had two years ago, John piled his studio table high with books, diagrams and research papers and sat down to tell us “everything he knew”.

With special emphasis on the Bob Lazar saga – as only John can tell it – we cover the inconsistencies in the 911 theories and why as a world renowned pilot he is uniquely qualified to judge just what kind of planes, if
any, hit the World Trade Center (answer, none: John explains why they were holograms); why the moon’s gravity may be as much as 64% that of the Earth’s, and could retain a very thin atmosphere; how Ben Rich, the former Director of the Lockheed Skunk Works, was a Mossad agent; the location of the “new Area 51”, called Sandia, deep within the Nevada desert; what really happened at Above Top Secret, an internet forum where he was attacked and which he has subsequently left… and much more.

There’s nothing here about 2012 or ‘Planet X’ – both of which John dismisses – but we think you will be entertained and fascinated by the reported detailed experiences and opinions of someone who deserves to be respected and admired for his courage, character, and maverick commitment to revealing what he believes is the truth.

From part 2 (37:30):

Aids was developed by US in S4 to dispose of certain segment, numbers of humans. The AIDS virus was developed by Aeron Donner whom he has visited with Bob Lazar while Donner was retired in Santa Fe.

The information Bob got up at S4 was that Aids virus that is protected by protein coat on the RNA preventing antibodies, the T4 cells of the immune system from detecting and eliminating it. The alleged cure for AIDS lies in the excrement of the Voith fungus that is grown from Chiense cucumber (follows Latin name that I cannot register accurately: tricasantas curilaure). This excrement which develops after 2-3 weeks is separated with hydrazine sulphate in an acidification process which dissolves the protein coat on RNA and exposes the nucleus of the virus that is detected by the antibodies of the immune system.

Regardless of how weak the immune system is the virus will be destroyed. No more then 20 cc dose per 36 hour period should be administered. No antibiotics should be used during this period. The 20 cc are metabolized in 36 hours having dissolved the protein coat on the virus. During the last 20 years Lazar was the party of several attempts to get samples of fungus out of China, but all he met was failure. Last samples were beam cooked during departure procedures.

John Lear Tells All – 4 of 4

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