CIA Official Breaks Silence On ET’s

The 15 minute prerecorded video of an anonymous former senior CIA officer was broadcast May 3 on the final day of the week long Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. The 77-year-old man, though he was articulate, and sitting up as he spoke, was obviously in a poor state of health. He worked for the CIA under President Dwight Eisenhower in 1958 and had chosen to break his long-held silence as he approached the end of his life. READ MORE…


The Texas UFO Invasion of April 30th, 2013

 Planet X, Nibiru – Clash Of The Gods – Last Battle Summary….

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Huge Laser Type Weapon Hits the Sun and Causes a Big M5,7 Solar Flare While at this Moment a Spacecraft Passing Near this Region

Witnesses 1,200 Miles Apart Describe Same Giant Triangle UFO

Massive Appearance of Mysterious Unidentified Objects – Two of them Seem to Exits Through the Sun

Moon Mining Aliens Great, up close footage of alien activity on the moon.





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