UFO siteings July 2014

JULY 8, 2014    ……..     JOPLIN MISSOURI

 Missouri witnesses in Joplin, reported watching a silent, boxy object “bigger than a house” traveling about 300 feet off the ground about 9:15 p.m. on July 8, 2014.  A husband and wife were traveling home when they say they noticed a man in the street trying to flag them down as he pointed to to the sky.  “He was walking his dog who was barking wildly at the object and jumping high in the air,” the witness stated. “It approached from the northeast. As he watched, it crossed directly overhead. It looked like it was 300 feet off the ground.  “It was off-white in color appearing to be illuminated by a yellowish light coming from within it. It was as big or bigger than a house and was completely silent.”  The object’s shape was not aerodynamic.  “It was boxy-shaped with multiple angles kind of like on a stealth airplane. It looked like it had darkened square windows in parts of it.  It was flat on the bottom with round orange and red randomly flashing lights all around the bottom edge. The lights were round with dark center – like donuts. They were the size of stop signs.”  The object moved southwest and then south of their location and appeared to be traveling at about 100 mph. They then noticed a change in the lighting.  “It suddenly turned off its lights. All of them went off like they were quickly dimmed and not just cut off. Two lights on the back, one orange and one red, stayed on slightly longer than the others – about half a second.  These lights seemed to have a burnt look to the dark centers as if maybe exhaust or flames had at one time come out of there.”  The object then appeared to be descending like it was going to land or possibly crash.  “It stayed perfectly level as it descended behind the trees on the horizon. It seemed to form a light mist or fog around it as it descended.”  READ MORE http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2014/08/incredibly-hugh-ufo-sighted-in-missouri-2473422.html

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